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Wedding Wines

Congratulations! We know you want to make your wedding as special as possible. Selecting and crafting wine for your guests is a delightful way to make your big day that much more memorable … especially when you adorn every wine bottle with your own personal label and serve it at your reception. Your craft wine is perfect for putting out on the dining tables and as a gift for your guests to take-home as a remembrance of your day.

When should you make your wedding wine?

Your wine will be quite enjoyable on the day it’s bottled, however we recommend you leave whites about two to three months and reds at least four months before serving them at your wedding. Tell us the date of your wedding and we’ll make sure you have a winemaking appointment far enough in advance to make the best-tasting wine.

Serving Guidelines

Follow these steps to estimate your needs:
1. Calculate how many people will be drinking at the event.
2. Multiply this number by four (to give you the maximum number of standard drinks per person you will need).
3. Divide number of standard drinks by five per bottle
4. Divide number of bottles by 30 to determine the number of batches and then round up

For example:
1. 100 wine drinking guests attending
2. 100 x 4 standard drinks = 400 standard drinks
3. 400 / 5 (5 glasses per 750ml bottle) = 80 bottles of wine
4. 80/30 750ml bottles per batch = 2.67 or 3 batches of wine will be needed.
Therefore, you could make one batch of red wine, one batch of white wine, and one batch of rosé wine.

Wine recommendations

With so many wines to choose from, selecting a wine or wines that will complement your meal that your guests will love can be a bit daunting. 

White Wines

Pinot Grigio

This light-bodied refreshing white wine opens with citrus, floral and pear notes. An excellent harmony of fruit and acid create a crisp finish that reveals hints of citrus and green apple.


This medium-bodied aromatic Chardonnay is balanced and fresh with lively acidity. Bursting with hints of pineapple, melon and peach on the palate, this lightly-oaked dry white wine has delicate hints of pear on the finish.

Sauvignon Blanc

This medium-bodied wine boasts aromas of apple, lemon, and kiwi on the nose and provides hints of lemon and herbaceous flavours on the palate. Grapefruit and passion fruit notes offer a zesty finish.

Red Wines


This wine boasts of a fruit forward nose distinguished by aromas of raisins, dark cherries and toasted oak. It showcases firm tannins on the palate embraced by concentrated notes of sweet chocolate and prunes. The finish is dramatic, peppered with layers of dark fruit and aggressive oak.

Chile Merlot

This Merlot features a rich aromatic bouquet of fresh red cherries, toasted oak, and herbs. It is medium-bodied with expressive flavours of dark ripe plums, berries, and silky tannins.

Pinot Noir

This medium-bodied red is bursting with flavours of ripe black cherries, red berry fruits and delicate spice notes on the palate. Layered aromas of strawberry, plum, and black cherry are superbly balanced with oak on the nose.

Cabernet Sauvignon

This complex, full-bodied wine has a deep garnet colour with an appealing aroma of plump blackberries, sweet vanilla and fresh violets. Notes of blackberries, cherries and pepper spice grace the palate, enhanced with rich tannins.


Our price range from $99.99 to $250 per batch (29 to 30 bottles). Depned on your preferences, we will help you to build a wine list that will fit into your budget.


750ml Clear Bottle - $28 for 30 bottles

750ml Green Bottle - $28 for 30 bottles

Liquor License

You will need to apply for a Special Occasion License if you intend to serve the wine at the wedding. Click here for special permit details. 

Confirm with the location you have chosen that they allow you to bring your own wine. If they do you should find out if there is a corkage fee. A corkage fee is a service charge (charged per bottle) for serving the wine. 

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