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Oak Barrel Aging Schedule

Here at RAINY CRICK, we provide the best quality wines, includs our unique Oak Barrel Aged wines.

"Oak" aging is becoming wine making’s hottest trend, which is not surprising when you consider some of the oldest and most respected European vinyards have used oak for centuries. The wine takes on some of the natural compounds in the barrel such as vanillin and wood tannins.

The addition of natural oak tannins that seep into the wine adds body, complexity and a plethora of aromas that make for tantilizing bouquets. Barrel aging allows slow oxidation which matures the wine, helping the various components meld together, giving it more structure and harmony, resulting in a robust wine, that awakens your taste buds.

The process is simple. We will start each batch with customer, after filtering process the wine will be transferred into the barrel to mature. 

Since there is only limited space available (10 batches per oak barrel), we recommend you to reserve your wine earlier. The list below shows the oak barrel wine we have available for order.  

New Trek

Alcohol: 14.5% - Oak: Yes - Body: Full - Sweetness: Dry

Opening with dark roasted notes of coffee and chocolate with a hint of blackberries, this wine balances the best of four classic varietals.  Enjoy your Trek wine with red meats, chicken pot pie, or with chamberlain cheese.

Malbec Argentina

Alcohol: 13% - Oak: Yes - Body: Medium to Full - Sweetness: Dry

The definitive star of Argentina. Our Malbec is distinguished by its dark, dense structure, full, rounded mouth-feel, prominent, lush flavours of ripe cherry, black currant and black berry, subtle notes of clove, vanilla and caramel with background suggestions of earthiness. The bright, vibrant edge is beautifully counter-balanced by oak.

Amarone, Italy

Alcohol: 14% - Oak: Yes - Body: Full - Sweetness: Dry

The wine is full-bodied, deep garnet colour and richly dry. Notes of plum, sour cherry, raspberry and vanilla gradually marry with anise, bitter chocolate, coffee, tobacco, leather and fig tones that develop with age. Long, lingering finish and a higher alcohol of 15%.

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Rosso Fortissimo

Alcohol: 13.5% - Oak: Yes - Body: Full - Sweetness: Dry

A big, full-bodied wine with solid structure and bold fruit notes. Complex cassis, plum and cherry notes balance the bold tannins. Oak contributes toasty vanilla and greater depth in this intense wine.

Merlot Yakima Valley Washington

Alcohol: 13.5% Oak: Yes Body: Med-Full

Bold, yet elegant. This Yakima Valley Merlot is big and full with up-front waves of raspberry, blackberry and plum. Subtle notes of cedar and mocha follow the fruit. Dark, rich and intense.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma Valley California

Alcohol: 13.5% - Oak: Yes - Body: Full - Sweetness: Dry

Dark and rich, with soft, plush tannins and layers of bright berry fruit and spice. Deep blackberry character with raspberry, cherry, cassis, and vanilla. Subtle traces of savoury spice.

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